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Brothers In Arms

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The fire falls down from the sky

The orders in
And well be bringing them the fight
God bless my brother back home with my father
Give me the strength to beat this night
Sweat, ache, blistering heat
Pain in each step I take with my bleeding feet
This air its so hard to breathe
Through the dust and the smoke and the torrid debris
Marching forward
Towards the murder

These homes are breaking The ground and the walls are shaking
I hear children cry. No time for goodbyes
So I hold my head high As the fire falls down from the sky

Fire falls down from the sky

And the blast consumes
Fire ignites and burns our flesh As we face our doom
Never to see our homes again
And we struggle and we strive In the fight to stay alive
And the hope that well survive
Will we make it through the night
Ill be going down, but Ill take them out
Insurgents are all around
Theyre burning the world to the ground
But if Im going down
I will take them out
Slums these poor homes
Are now our war zones
Together were marching forward
Towards the murder


My brothers beside me Are strong and not one is breaking
We stand side by side
We fight or we die And we hold our heads high
As the fire falls down from the sky

We die
We fight or we die

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