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In A Photograph

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Screaming your name into the sky
Into the sky
Screaming your name into the sky

Were you just going to sit back
And watch him die? [2x]

He screamed your name straight to the sky
He screamed your name everyday

Rescue him from the fall
Rescue him, take his hand [2x]
Take his hand [2x]

I remember the day and
every sound and smell of it [2x]

I remember the day
Just like it was in a photograph [2x]
Where nothing ever changes
and always stays the same
Where nothing ever changes
The memory stands still

You let him fall [4x]

Screaming your name into the sky
So I tried
And I screamed [2x]
Lord can you hear me

And I was left without
reply so I walked away
You let him fall [3x]
You let him...

Without your response
I blame you
For this loss of love and life

? [2x]

, [2x]






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