Перевод песни Alice in Chains - I Can't Remember

I Can't Remember

Я не могу вспомнить

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Turn around you say
'Scuse the 'tude but I haven't eaten today
And my eyes are turning gray
What's your name?

I can't remember...
I can't remember.

Bring me down you try
Feel the pain and
Keep it all in till you die
Without eyes you cannot cry
Who's to blame?

I can't remember, I can't
Remember identity,
The visions in my mind from screaming at me
And mama, mama, ooh,
My angry brains of infancy.

Knocked down but I have enough hate to breathe
Down your throat and steal your energy
You took everything but my will to be
Now the loss of your god won't make me bleed.

I am alive!


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