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Back when Mark Walhberg was Marky Mark
This is how we used to make the party start
We used to, mix Hen' with Bacardi Dark
And when it, kicks in you can hardly talk
And by the, sixth gin you're gon' probably crawl
And you'll be, sick then and you'll probably barf
And my pre-diction is you're gon' probably fall
either somewhere in the lobby or the hallway wall
And every-thing's spinnin, you're beginnin to think women
are swimming in pink linen again in the sink
Then in a couple of minutes that bottle of Guinness is finished
You are now allowed to officially slap bitches
You have the right to remain violent and start wilin
Start a fight with the same guy that was smart eyein you
Get in your car, start it, and start driving
over the island and cause a 42 car pile-up
{*spaceman voice*} Earth calling, pilot to co-pilot
Look at the life on this planet sir, no sign of it
All I can see is a bunch of smoke flyin
And I'm so high that I might die if I go by it
Let me out of this place, I'm outta place
I'm in outer space, I've just vanished without a trace
I'm going to a pretty place now where the flowers grow
I'll be back in an hour or so

[Chorus: Eminem]
Cause every time I go to try to leave (Whoa-ohh!)
Something keeps pulling on my sleeve (Whoa-ohh!)
I don't wanna, but I gotta stay (Whoa-ohh!)
These drugs really got ahold of me (Whoa-ohh!)
Cause every time I try to tell them, "No" (No-ohh!)
They won't let me ever let them go (Go-ohh!)
I'ma sucka all I gotta say (Whoa-ohh!)
is drugs really got a hold of me (Whoa-ohh!)


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