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Ronaldo vs Messi


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Перевод песни (Beast)

Messi I'm the best player in the world
You just look like a little girl
Come compare my physique and my strength toward your little twirls

I was here first
You trying to steal my limelight
So just back off
I'm the KING and you know that I'm right

Enough, Ronaldo
Shut up!
You're the babyish king I've ever seen
I went online Google your name and all I get is Diving Queen
You go out modelling taking pics and showing off your abs
Match time you start running
And we're wondering has he got crabs?

No I haven't

You never said hi to me once
I double you size when I jump
Guess what FIFA rang last month
They want to kiss your junk
It's no surprise that you win ever everything when you constantly buying everybody the wedding rings ah

That was good
But it's time to show you why I'm the Messiah
The Ballon D'or
1, 2, 3
Time in a row
You really think you're the best
Let me put this feud to rest
I'm the best
You're a cry baby the biggest one in history
But hey look on the bright side
You got something in common with your baby
CR7 made in heaven
Real Madrid is who I'm revving

We are Barcelona
We come
We see
We conquer

My biceps and my triceps are bigger than all your life steps

I may be small but I leave you in awe with all my crazy sidesteps

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