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This Is Exile

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This world is ours and we won't stand still
Infinitude sets thy vision toward the deep
Civilization will fall by the hand of all disease
Banished from all life and awoken from the grave
Eternal life will now be washed away
Desecration Proclamation
How it feels to be demoralized
The life you live is now rotten and cold

This is exile
We are the walking scum
This is exile
You are the sacrifice
And it was said
Blasphemy will now stand
They walk the earth
This is fucking exile

This world is ours and we will not stand still
This world is ours and we will not stand still

The dead will never rest
Vociferating hypocrites shall whisper every last word
And they will not be heard
Death shall reign and our purpose exhort
False hope and lies
We all glorify
This world is ours and you're totally fucking dead.






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This Is Exile

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