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Заявки(осталось 51)

Amy Holland - Turn Out The Light

heffron drive - Everything Has Changed

2pac - Don't Call Me Bitch

Tokio Hotel - Run, Run, Run

Disciple - Unbroken

Amia Venera Landscape - My Hands Will Burn First

Our Last Night - Escape

Our Last Night - Symptoms Of A Failing System

Mumford and sons - The boxer

Mr. Big - Shine

Crosses - Bermuda Locket

TwoThirds, Feint, Veela - Epiphany

David Bowie - The Jean Genie

Feint feat. Veela - The Journey

DJ Yella - Not Long Ago

PSY - Hangover (feat. Snoop Dogg)

Destination Anywhere - How you feel

Daughter - Medicine

Snoop Dogg ft 2Pac - Wanted Dead Or Alive

Capsize - Face First

The Pretty Reckless - Somebody mixed my medicine

Get Scared - Whore

Celldweller - End Of An Empire

Courtney Love - Never Gonna Be the Same

Yousei Teikoku - Mischievous of Alice

The Clash - Train in Vain

Gigi D'Agostino - SILENCE (VISION 2)

Katatonia - Unfurl

Mayhem - Posthuman

Mayhem - Corpse Of Care

The Black Keys - Thickfreakness

Thousand Foot Krutch - Untraveled Road

rosi golan - can't go back

norma jean - sun dies blood moon

The Internet - Dontcha

Frank Zappa - Willie The Pimp

Dove Cameron – Better in Stereo - Better in Stereo

Gil Scott-Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Mylene Farmer - Fuck them all

Mac Miller - Poppy

Suede - The Wild Ones

De La Soul - Eye Know

Brokencyde - Jealousy!!!

Damian Marley - Road To Zion

Angela - beautiful fighter (Shikabane Hime opening)

Sunny Day Real Estate - Bucket of Chicken

Sunny Day Real Estate - Iscarabaid

Mac Miller - Nikes on my feet

Martin Carthy - When I Was a Little Boy

Dave Von Ronk - Shanty Man's Life

The Game - Red Bandana

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Julian Smith - Never get naked in your shower

Julian Smith - Nice hotel

DMX - I Get Scared (ft. Adreena Mill)

The Kooks - Are We Electric

The Kooks - Westside

Key of Awesome - Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop Parody

Key of Awesome - Lorde - Royals Parody

Vocaloid - Nemesis no Juukou

Mac Miller - Nikes On My Feet

The Kooks - See Me Now

Banks - Warm Water

Mumford & Sons - The Boxer

The Game - Can't Get Right



Banks - This Is What It Feels Like

Interpol - All the Rage Back Home

Deerhunter - Helicopter

The Game - Scared Now

Royal Blood - Little Monster

Royal Blood - Figure It Out

Fit For A King - The Resistance

Royal Blood - Come On Over

Famous Last Words - Council Of The Dead

Broods - L.A.F

Fit For A King - Skin & Bones

Staind - Nothing Left To Say

The Lonely Island - Spell It Out

The Lonely Island - Y.O.L.O.

Blue Oyster Cult - Take Me Away

Bart Baker - Rihanna - Pour It Up Parody

Bart Baker - Justin Bieber "Eenie Meenie" Parody - Teenie Weenie

Ventana - Swords

Darkseed - Can't explain

Ventana - The Sad History of the World

Ventana - This Digital World

Mazzy Star - Halah

Celeste Buckingham - Run Run Run

Moving Mountains - Hands

LaCoacha - Katy Perry - The One That Got Away Parody

Bart Baker - Ariana Grande - Featuring - Zedd - Break Free - Parody

Black Tongue - Falsifier

Moving Mountains - Apsides

DMX - Let Me Fly

The Madden Brothers - Dear Jane

Ella Henderson - Yours

In This Moment - The Promise

Mushroomhead - Cut Me

Mushroomhead - Damage Done

Mushroomhead - The Wrist

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